Chloris Geospatial develops solutions to help business in assessing the natural capital impact of its operations quickly and at scale.

Leveraging machine learning, advanced remote sensing technologies, innovative data fusion, and deep ecological expertise, Chloris delivers scalable software solutions to bring natural capital into the business workflow.

The crisis we face

The consensus is clear: we cannot hit our global greenhouse gas targets without also relying on the world’s natural capital to remove carbon out of the atmosphere. This means that we cannot address climate change without also confronting the threat of biodiversity loss. Putting Natural Capital on the balance sheet will enable global industry to contribute to greenhouse goals, while regenerating ecosystems and avoiding destruction.

A Nature-Positive, Net-Zero future demands that businesses act quickly to deliver globally relevant, measurable results.




Carbon markets are changing. A new generation of technologists and sustainability leaders need new tools to meet the growing —and changing—demand for reliable, accurate, and actionable insights.

Chloris Geospatial provides answers today to critical natural capital challenges.

From assessing additionality, to running baseline analysis, our forest carbon insights support your project or mission.

Timely + Precise

Operational resolution and frequency at the parcel level for business relevance.

Accurate + Tested

Rigorously tested against regional forest inventories and ground-truthed against field observations to ensure accuracy.

Business Ready

Capable of providing time-based views of carbon stock and change so that performance can be assessed immediately.


Developed by world leaders in remote sensing with over two decades of experience in carbon density measurement from ground and space.



“A nature positive economy is only possible when industry can access insights at the scale and speed of business. It’s time for the sustainability sector to embrace big data, and it’s time to put nature on the balance sheet.”

Marco Albani CEO
Marco Albani, CEO Chloris Geospatial

Our Technology and Data

Chloris uses cutting edge remote sensing, machine learning, and ecological science to measure what matters most: natural capital.

Our sensor fusion technology is capable of providing superior insights with global scale and high accuracy.

We are able to directly measure carbon stock, gains and losses with quantified uncertainty at pixel level everywhere in the world.

Chloris Geospatial provides innovative
measurements of natural capital that use
cutting edge remote sensing, machine
learning, and ecological science.


Built on 20 years of pioneering research

“Scalability is the key to unlocking nature’s potential. It took the better half of a year just to get land access approvals in order to complete a forest assessment on the ground in Ecuador. I knew then that there had to be a better way. Chloris is my answer.”

Dr. Alessandro Baccini, internationally recognized remote sensing expert


“It’s inevitable. There is a worldwide consensus that the path to reverse global warming demands that we change how we manage forests and other ecosystems. But to mobilize natural capital at the scale required, we need to be able to measure what really matters, the amount of above-ground carbon stored by plants on the landscape. That is what Chloris does everywhere on the planet.”          

Giulio Boccaletti, PhD, Author and Honorary Research Associate, University of Oxford


“Market-based natural climate solutions will never succeed without timely, accurate, and repeatable measurements of carbon sources and sinks from forested ecosystems. Newly available data sets and technology – from satellite observations to artificial intelligence – give us the tools to provide these measurements, and in doing so, support private companies and governments who aspire to be net-zero.”

Dr. Mark Friedl, Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University

Global, Accurate, and Accessible now.

We have made our 5km resolution above ground biomass dataset publicly available on the Microsoft Planetary Computer for non-commercial use.

Recognized Top Innovators

Political and private sector leaders are recognizing that good, transparent environmental performance by institutions and businesses is crucial to doing business.  This is why the World Economic Forum UpLink selected Chloris Geospatial as one of the top 12 innovators in their Carbon Markets Challenge.

WATCH: Highlights From World Economic Forum:


The future of nature-based solutions combines the best forestry/ecological expertise with cutting edge remote sensing technologies.

Where others photograph forests, count trees, or measure land area, Chloris uses industry-leading remote sensing from space agencies and machine learning to provide scalable and direct measurements of carbon stock and carbon change, globally.

Traditional approaches to tracking aboveground carbon rely on land cover and deforestation data to estimate carbon storage. Yet deforestation accounts for less than 40% of global carbon loss. Moreover, regrowth of previously degraded forests can make a huge difference to the carbon budget, which is often overlooked in conventional calculations. For the market to address the needs to fight climate change, we need data and tools that capture the real ecological processes at work: forest degradation, regrowth, and the net gains and losses across whole regions.

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