Chloris Geospatial is dedicated to innovative measurements of natural capital

We are an early stage company enabling a
technology revolution

We catalyze the adoption of natural climate solutions to address the global climate and nature crises

The crisis we face

Humanity’s footprint is everywhere.
The global economy is harnessing the resources of the planet
transforming the landscape
and destroying nature in the process

Our future depends on the
world’s natural capital to:


Climate Change

Address the
Water Crisis

Adapt to
Extreme Events

Halt Biodiversity

Nature based solutions are indispensable for our future

Political and private sector leaders are recognizing that good, transparent environmental performance by institutions and businesses is crucial to doing business.

The Chloris solution

In the next decade
The world needs reliable, high integrity data capabilities to ensure natural capital performs and becomes integral to the global economy.
Chloris Geospatial guides leaders and managers
In scaling up the adoption of natural climate solutions and nature based solutions everywhere in the world.

“The majority of corporates are now discussing ESG (in quarterly calls).“
Goldman Sachs

“The business ecosystem is evolving; those who resist (ESG) will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.“

Chloris Geospatial provides innovative
measurements of natural capital that use
cutting edge remote sensing, machine
learning, and ecological science.

Satelite Image

Our Technology

Chloris Geospatial is able to provide answers today to critical natural capital issues. Twenty years of groundbreaking, pioneering research has given us the ability to see what matters – how much carbon is stored on land, where, and how it changes year to year, for example – to help decision makers act with confidence.

Data and Application

Our data is global, accurate, and accessible now
We are able to directly measure carbon stock, gains and losses with quantified uncertainty at the pixel level everywhere in the world.
Applications that rely on 10X accuracy
Our sensor fusion technology is capable of providing superior insights with global scale and 10X accuracy.

Our Team

Marco Albani
Co-Founder and CEO

Ph.D. University of
British Columbia

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Alessandro Baccini
Co-Founder and CSO

Ph.D. Boston University

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Mark Friedl

Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara

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Giulio Boccaletti

Ph.D. Princeton

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