Who We Are

Chloris Geospatial is an early-stage start-up developing trailblazing data products and software solutions that empower businesses to conserve and restore natural capital, with impact and at scale.

Our team combines deep ecological expertise, with cutting-edge machine learning, AI, and advanced remote-sensing expertise.
Our mission is to equip participants in the voluntary carbon markets with trustworthy, fast, and accurate insights into carbon sequestration that are needed to achieve a net-zero, nature-positive economy with speed and integrity.

The Crisis We Face

Genuine and comprehensive conservation and restoration of forests is needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and prevent the loss of natural capital that underpins healthy economies. Effective private sector investments, backed by trusted and transparent data, are essential for this generational challenge.
Today, the lack of business-friendly data and tools inhibits what matters most for embedding net-zero, nature-positive in the business mainstream: to put nature on the balance sheet with integrity.

Chloris Solution

SpaceTech Tools for Sustainable Business

The world’s marketplace needs actionable data and tools that capture the real ecological processes at work in the forest: forest degradation, regrowth, and the net gains and losses across whole regions.

We directly measure carbon stocks, and their losses and gains, with quantified uncertainty at the pixel level. This enables our clients to be part of the business solution to climate change with speed and confidence.

Led by the world’s leading experts with over 20 years of pioneering remote sensing, ecological and forestry experience

Our sensor fusion technology is capable of providing superior insights at all scales, with high accuracy and resolution, and at the speed of business

Our solution is immediate and available for anywhere in the world
Our methodology is rigorously tested to ensure accuracy

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Our Technology and Data

Chloris uses cutting edge remote sensing, machine learning, and ecological science to measure what matters most: NATURAL CAPITAL.

We are able to directly measure CARBON STOCK, GAINS AND LOSSES with quantified uncertainty at pixel level everywhere in the world.
Chloris Data on Microsoft Planetary Computer


Chloris Geospatial provides innovative
measurements of natural capital that use
cutting edge remote sensing, machine
learning, and ecological science.

Global, Accurate, And Accessible Now.

We have made our 5km resolution above ground biomass dataset publicly available on the Microsoft Planetary Computer for non-commercial use.

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    Chloris brings together the best minds in remote sensing, environmental science, machine learning, and climate change activism.

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